Saskatchewan is expanding the list of health conditions for which pharmacists can see patients. This is part of ongoing work to ensure that pharmacists, as highly educated health care professionals, are empowered to utilize all of their knowledge and skills for Saskatchewan patients.

Under this new expanded scope of practice, pharmacists will now be able to prescribe medications to treat nausea and vomiting in pregnancy and recurrent genital herpes for both men and women.

“Pharmacists prescribing in specific circumstances provides patients with improved access to health care services,” Health Minister Everett Hindley said. “Pharmacists are valuable members of our health care team and these expansions allow them to maximize the use of their skill set for Saskatchewan patients.”

Pharmacists are required to take training and meet competency requirements as established by the Saskatchewan College of Pharmacy Professionals and follow mandatory prescribing guidelines.

“It’s exciting to see a growing list of minor ailments for which pharmacists can prescribe medications,” Saskatchewan College of Pharmacy Professionals registrar Jeana Wendel said. “It’s a big step in keeping the public safe while easing pressures on the health system.”

Saskatchewan pharmacists were first granted the authority to prescribe for four minor ailments in 2011. Since that time, the list has expanded to 30 conditions, including the two new conditions. The full list of conditions is available at

There are approximately 1,220 practicing pharmacists in more than 425 licensed community pharmacies in Saskatchewan. Since 2007, that is an increase of nearly 340, or 38 per cent, more pharmacists across Saskatchewan communities delivering care.