With the support of the Government of Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) has reached an agreement with Eden Care Communities that will enable Regina Lutheran Home (RLH) to remain open. Eden Care Communities will continue to operate RLH on a transitional basis while ownership of the facility is transferred to the SHA.

“After hearing from residents and families, I asked the Ministry of Health to work with the SHA to reconsider the viability of purchasing Regina Lutheran Home,” Mental Health and Addictions, Rural and Remote Heath and Seniors Minister Tim McLeod said. “After positive discussions with Eden Care, an agreement has been reached that will keep Regina Lutheran Home open.”

As a result of the agreement, RLH will remain open and regular operations will continue. Residents who have already found alternative placement will have the option to return. The Ministry of Health and the SHA are committed to working with staff and health care provider unions throughout the transition. 

RLH is a standard long-term care facility with capacity for 62 residents. 

“It is important to maintain these 62 beds as we work toward adding 600 long-term care beds in Regina,” McLeod said. “Keeping Regina Lutheran Home open will support the health care system’s ability to meet the need for long-term care in Regina while work to add more beds continues.”

Work is underway to fulfill the Government of Saskatchewan’s commitment to adding 600 long-term care beds in Regina. As part of that commitment, a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) process was recently announced to seek a team to design and build a new 240-bed specialized long-term care facility in Regina.