Today, Minister Responsible for the Status of Women Laura Ross was joined by MLAs Alana Ross and Jim Lemaigre with representatives from Shoppers Drug Mart and the Prince Albert School Division to announce that more than three million menstrual products are on their way to schools and emergency shelters for women and girls, through a partnership between the Government of Saskatchewan and the Shopper’s Foundation for Women’s HealthTM.

“Providing access to menstrual products, particularly for those who face financial barriers, will make a big difference for women and girls in Saskatchewan,” Ross said. “This is the beginning of a three-year initiative and we feel privileged to join with our partners at the Shoppers Foundation for Women’s HealthTM to roll this out in our province.”

Ross made the announcement at Ecole St. Mary High School in Prince Albert. The shipments will go directly to school divisions who will determine the schools that will receive the products in their area, with the focus on supporting students who face financial barriers.

“On behalf of the Prince Albert Catholic School Board of Education, we would like to thank Minister Ross, the Government of Saskatchewan and Shoppers Drug Mart for this agreement and generous donation,” Prince Albert School Division Board Chair Suzanne Stubbs said. “Feminine products are a basic human need for all females and they are expensive. This donation not only provides a solution to many women and girls, we know that access to these products can directly impact a student’s ability to engage in their education without the added burden of financial concerns.”

In addition to schools, 16 emergency shelters for women fleeing domestic violence will also receive the free products for individuals in their shelters.   

“In a crisis situation, women often come to shelters with nothing more than the clothes on their back,” PATHS Executive Director Jo-Anne Dusel said. “They may not have access to funds to purchase needed sanitary products or feel safe to leave the shelter to purchase supplies. This donation will assist shelters in providing these necessary items and help women survivors rebuild their lives with dignity.”

Led by the Status of Women Office, the project is a partnership between the Saskatchewan Government and Shoppers Foundation for Women’s HealthTM with support from Procter & Gamble. Today’s announcement is part of a larger commitment from Shoppers to provide 12 million menstrual products over the next three years. 

Shoppers Foundation for Women’s HealthTM addresses some of the most pressing health inequities facing women, including initiatives focused on those facing period poverty, because we know that inadequate access to period products can have devastating impacts on the lives of women and girls of all ages,” Shoppers Foundation for Women’s HealthTM Director, Community Investment Paulette Minard said. “We’re honoured to partner with the Government of Saskatchewan on this very important initiative, to help remove barriers and ultimately improve the health and wellbeing of women and girls across the province.”

For more than a decade, Shoppers Drug Mart has supported women’s health charities across Canada. Shoppers Foundation for Women’s Health aims to build on this legacy by reducing the health inequities women face and by supporting initiatives focused on promoting menstrual equity such as: product donations, making period product dispensers available to homeless women, and strategic collaborations with partners like Moon Time Sisters and The Period Purse. To learn more about the Foundation’s initiatives, visit