The Government of Saskatchewan is building on its commitment to help families and friends of people who have died by suicide.

The Ministry of Health has issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) to find an organization to develop and operate a provincial suicide postvention program.

Postvention refers to the actions taken to address the immediate psychological needs of family members and friends of people who have died by suicide or survived with significant injury or trauma.

“Suicide is devastating for friends and family members who may not know where to turn to in their time of grief,” Mental Health and Addictions Minister Everett Hindley said. “This new program is an important step to ensure that they receive the appropriate support in a timely manner.”

The successful proponent would:

  • establish a referral system that individuals, families, health providers, police and other first responders can refer families and friends to immediately following a suicide;
  • engage with families and friends of individuals who have died by suicide or made significant suicide attempts; and,
  • provide brief therapy, navigation, education, awareness and training to families and communities.

The RFP outlines details relating to criteria, processes, timelines and other relevant information and can be found at

The submission deadline for the RFP is August 22, 2023, at 2:00 p.m. CST (local Saskatchewan time). 

The Ministry of Health is providing $200,000 in annualized funding toward the development of the provincial suicide postvention program. This is part of the record $518 million for mental health and addiction services provided in 2023-24.