EHN Canada to Provide 36 Virtual Spaces for Saskatchewan Residents

In keeping with the Government of Saskatchewan’s commitment to increase addictions treatment capacity across the province, Mental Health and Addictions Minister Everett Hindley announced today the addition of 36 virtual outpatient treatment spaces through EHN Canada that will begin coming online this spring. 

“EHN Canada is a national leader in addictions treatment, and we are pleased to work with them to provide treatment options for Saskatchewan residents,” Hindley said. “The 36 virtual treatment spaces will provide greater accessibility across the province, including rural and northern Saskatchewan, reflecting the importance of meeting people where they’re at in their journey to recovery.” 

Virtual outpatient treatment provides a more flexible option for people who have work, school, and family responsibilities while receiving treatment. Participants engage in at least nine hours a week of structured treatment activities, including virtual group and individual counselling sessions. Eight weeks of intensive virtual treatment is followed by 10 months of aftercare. The program also includes access to education and support for the families, support persons and loved ones of the participants.

EHN Canada is the second successful proponent chosen through the competitive Request for Proposals process initiated by the Ministry of Health and the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) seeking addictions treatment services across the continuum of care, including intensive outpatient services, inpatient treatment services and recovery or transitional services. 

The Government of Saskatchewan is committed to adding at least 150 more addictions treatment spaces so more people can get the help they need to overcome addictions. The 36 virtual spaces announced today follow the 14 post-treatment spaces announced for St. Joseph’s Addiction Recovery Centre in March, for a total of 50 new spaces so far. This is in addition to the 475 existing pre-treatment, detoxification, treatment, and post-treatment beds across the province operated by the SHA and third-party partners.