Saskatchewan’s Graduate Retention Program (GRP) is supporting more post-secondary graduates who live and work in the province. More than 81,000 post-secondary graduates in Saskatchewan have claimed $739 million in GRP benefits since its inception.

“The Graduate Retention Program benefits post-secondary graduates by providing a tuition rebate on their income tax return,” Advanced Education Minister Gordon Wyant said. “This program makes education more affordable and fosters job growth by helping Saskatchewan businesses recruit and retain qualified, skilled workers.”

The only program of its kind in Canada, the GRP provides up to $20,000 in income tax credits to eligible post-secondary graduates who live and work in Saskatchewan after completing their program. This includes anyone who files Saskatchewan income taxes, regardless of where their education was obtained. International students who choose to build their careers in Saskatchewan may also be eligible.

“This is a great program that definitely helps young people get their feet under them after finishing their post-secondary education,” Rural Health Care Practitioner Shaun Hadfield said. “Claiming the GRP was a definite bonus and provides some relief during tax season. I encourage all post-secondary graduates who live in Saskatchewan to check this out!”

The GRP was introduced in 2008 to encourage post-secondary graduates (from both in and out of province) to live and work in Saskatchewan. Income tax credits are based on the tuition paid and are applied to the income tax owed over a seven-year period, as long as the graduate continues to file taxes in Saskatchewan. Graduates have up to 10 years after graduation to claim the GRP and/or apply any unused credits.

For more information on the GRP, visit Graduates are encouraged to contact the Canada Revenue Agency directly with questions on how to claim the GRP when filing income taxes.