The Wascana Centre Master Plan provides a roadmap to guide growth, development and sustainability in Wascana Centre. In 2023, the plan will be renewed, and we need your voice to shape the future direction of this unique urban park. Led by the Provincial Capital Commission, this will be the 11th version of the Wascana Centre Master Plan.

“The master plan is a vital part of the history, growth and legacy of Wascana Centre,” Minister Responsible for the Provincial Capital Commission Don McMorris said. “Since 1962, the master plan has allowed us to develop a shared vision of Wascana Centre and we welcome the public’s input on the future of the park.” 

Wascana Centre’s master plan provides an overview of its appropriate uses including buildings, recreational facilities, ecological reserves, roads and landscape features. The master plan evaluates best practices in environmental sustainability, public access and the priorities for the space. 

A key component of the development of this master plan is public participation. The Provincial Capital Commission policies call for the master plan review and renewal to be conducted in five stages and completed by December 2023. A Public Participation Plan has been developed to ensure the future of Wascana Centre meets the evolving needs of people that use it.

The Public Participation Plan and additional information about the master plan can be found at Wascana.ca.

More information about Stage 1 engagement activities will be released later this month.