The Government of Saskatchewan is introducing legislation to make obtaining child support easier for parents, children and caregivers.

The Family Maintenance Amendment Act, 2022 will provide people the option to forego court and go straight to the Child Support Service to determine initial child support amounts. Previously, the Service could recalculate only existing child support orders or agreements.

“This new option allows people to obtain child support orders without hiring a lawyer or going to court. These orders can then be filed with the court and enforced like a court order,” Minister of Justice and Attorney General Bronwyn Eyre said. “This increases efficiency and, above all, fair, timely and affordable access to justice.”

The legislation also allows a caregiver or other person to apply for child support for a child over the age of 18 and an adult child to apply for child support on their own behalf. Decisions on whether support is appropriate will be determined by the court and dependent on the circumstances. Administrative calculation can be used in situations where there is no existing child support order or agreement in place.

The Child Support Service was created as the Child Support Recalculation Service in 2018 to provide parents with a faster and less costly way to update their income information for child support payments. Either parent can apply to the program.