The Government of Saskatchewan is providing up to $1.7 million in additional funding in 2022-23 to increase the number of emergency shelter spaces in Saskatchewan by up to 15 per cent this winter and help ease seasonal cost pressures for community partners. 

“Our government continues to work hand in hand with community partners to address the complex issue of homelessness,” Minister of Social Services Gene Makowsky said. “This additional funding to community-based service providers is an example of how growth can work for everyone.”

The Ministry of Social Services will provide an additional $800,000 to community partners to support seasonal cost pressures, and $900,000 to increase emergency shelter capacity by up to 60 spaces this winter in Prince Albert, Saskatoon and Regina. The ministry is in discussions with community-based service providers to determine the number of additional emergency shelter spaces in each community.

The ministry is also continuing to collaborate with Indigenous and community partners and all levels of government to seek new approaches to better support individuals who need more than a home to remain connected to housing. The additional funding for emergency shelter provides more supports during the upcoming winter months, while work continues to seek longer-term actions to address chronic homelessness.