Report from the Legislature – June 09, 2022

Now that summer days are here again, I look forward to connecting with you at community events and celebrations. You can also reach out to our constituency office to share your thoughts and ideas, or to discuss or get assistance navigating provincial government programs or services.

New reports from the Conference Board of Canada and RBC Economics project Saskatchewan will lead the country in economic growth this year. Increased private sector investment will ensure the growth of our exports and our industries, while helping secure better programs, services, and opportunities for all Saskatchewan people.

Nutrien has just announced a major ramp-up of production with a target to increase potash production to 18 million tonnes by 2025. This acceleration in potash production is an increase of 40 per cent from 2020 and supports the hiring of roughly 350 new employees. It’s also a major step in ensuring Saskatchewan can be a solution to ongoing food security challenges while helping to put food on the table for families around the world.

K+S recently announced a long-term growth plan which will see operations at the Bethune mine double as they move toward producing 4 million tonnes of potash per year. Saskatchewan can play a vital role in continuing to supply sustainably produced potash to global economies for decades to come. This announcement is welcome news as increased production at the Bethune mine directly translates to more jobs and opportunities for communities and families in Saskatchewan.

Protein Industries Canada, alongside AGT Foods and Lucent, announced a $19 million fertilizer facility in Rosetown that will be operational this fall. The new facility will aim to produce 6,500 tonnes of fertilizer while creating new jobs and opportunities to increase the value of low-value by-products in Saskatchewan.

UFA has announced two new petroleum sites in Weyburn and Yorkton, as part of a multi-year strategy that will support agribusiness, oil and gas, and industrial centres throughout Saskatchewan.

With an expanding and diversified economy, our government continues to look for ways to create a Saskatchewan that works for everyone. A new project by the Ministry of Environment will help us provide critical information about our forests and the industries that rely on them. The ministry is working to develop a forest resource inventory for the commercial forest zone that includes approximately 15 million hectares of forest south of Churchill River. This information will allow for the development of ecologically sustainable long-term harvesting plans. Remote sensing data and the latest technology allow for faster mapping of forests, providing more accurate information for planning.

Forestry is northern Saskatchewan’s largest sector, employing nearly 8,000 people and supporting communities. Another 2,600 jobs are on the way following $1 billion in planned capital investments. Indigenous people account for more than 27 per cent of the forestry workforce, with 30 per cent of the provincial timber supply allocated to Indigenous businesses.

We would like to see those numbers increase even more and are supporting further Indigenous investment. Applications from First Nations and Métis organizations interested in the natural resource and value-added agriculture sectors are now being accepted. The Saskatchewan Indigenous Investment Finance Corporation will offer up to $75 million in loan guarantees to eligible applicants. The loan guarantees will support Indigenous-equity ownership of major projects in forestry, mining, energy, oil and gas or value-added agriculture. A new website has been launched with details on applications and the process. Information can be found at

Companies from abroad and right next door recognize the potential in Saskatchewan. With over $14 billion in recent private sector investment, communities across Saskatchewan will benefit from more jobs, better opportunities, and a growing economy. We will continue to foster growth here at home while Saskatchewan businesses provide the products that a growing world needs.