May is Early Childhood Education month. This year, Saskatchewan is recognizing this month by thanking all early childhood educators for the impactful work they do and by highlighting additional investments into the Early Childhood Intervention Program (ECIP).

ECIP is a free service for families with children aged newborn to six who are experiencing disability or delay. In 2022-23, early childhood intervention programs will receive $5.2 million, an increase of $744,000 over last year to help the 14 Saskatchewan ECIPs address increased demand and waitlists for their services. On average, ECIPs serve approximately 1,200 families each year.

“We know that as our population grows, so will demand for ECIP services,” Education Minister Dustin Duncan said. “Our government will continue to prioritize early childhood education through increased investments necessary to support our early childhood educators and the families they assist.”

There are many other important programs offered around the province that are equally impactful to early childhood education. KidsFirst, Early Childhood Intervention Programs and Prekindergarten also offer valuable services and programming for children and families around the province.

KidsFirst is a Government of Saskatchewan program which focusses on supports for families and building on family strengths. In 2022-23, KidsFirst will receive $16.6 million in fundingan increase of $326,000 over last year. These additional resources will allow KidsFirst Regional and Targeted programs to better serve our most vulnerable families. Annually, more than 30,000 children and families in over 340 communities are involved in KidsFirst programming.

“The Early Childhood Intervention Program, Regina Region Inc. would like to acknowledge and celebrate all Early Childhood Educators who continue to provide quality early experiences during the most critical time of a child’s development,” ECIP Executive Director Jennie Bryant said. “Early Childhood Educators’ hard work and dedication have profound positive impacts on a child’s developmental trajectory which truly lasts a lifetime.”

There are also 316 Prekindergarten programs around the province in 88 communities that support approximately 5,000 three and four-year olds. These programs support the physical, social-emotional, intellectual and spiritual learning of the students. In the 2022-23 school year, the province will provide $21.7 million for Prekindergarten, an increase of $237,000.

“Early childhood educators are essential in supporting early childhood education in Saskatchewan and we are pleased to be taking steps toward creating a Canada-wide childcare system,” Saskatchewan Early Childhood Association Chairperson Angie Stevenson said. “The work our Early Childhood Educations do in Saskatchewan to create high quality early learning opportunities is invaluable and should be celebrated, not only in May but all year long.”

As we recognize Early Childhood Education Month, remember that May 11 is Early Childhood Educator (ECE) Appreciation Day! Take a moment to thank the people who provide devoted care to Saskatchewan’s littlest learners.

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