The Ministry of Justice and Attorney General and the Status of Women Office are partnering with the Provincial Association of Transition Houses and Services of Saskatchewan (PATHS) to develop an online course to educate employers and staff on how to support colleagues experiencing interpersonal violence outside of the workplace.

“Investing in the development of online modules to educate the workforce on the complexities of interpersonal violence and abuse is a key step in prevention,” Justice Minister and Attorney General Gordon Wyant said. “Educating employees and building awareness helps to ensure the health and safety of everyone in the workplace.”

Together, the Ministry of Justice and Attorney General and the Status of Women Office have invested $59,000 to move the training online.

“Enhancing initiatives that address interpersonal violence and abuse is important work,” Minister Responsible for the Status of Women Office Laura Ross said. “PATHS is leading the way on this initiative and I am pleased that the Status of Women Office has been able to support their efforts.”

The Effective Workplace Response to Interpersonal Violence training module will focus on how people experiencing interpersonal violence can be impacted and how employers and co-workers can offer support. The course outlines how to recognize the signs of abusive relationships, how to respond to colleagues experiencing interpersonal violence and abuse, and how to refer victims to community support networks, all in an effort to improve workplace health and safety. 

“The workplace can be a place of safety and support for individuals experiencing intimate partner violence if employers and co-workers know how to have effective conversations, and supportive policies are in place,” PATHS Executive Director Jo-Anne Dusel said. “This course will provide information and concrete tools for workplaces to reduce the harmful impacts of abuse on survivors and contribute to workplace safety.”

The online workshop includes information on legislated workplace leave for victims of interpersonal violence and abuse, as well as suggested policies and procedures for workplaces to adopt. The course is anticipated to launch online in the fall 2022.