Report from the Legislature – March 03, 2022

As the world watches the unprovoked attack instigated by the Putin regime unfold in Ukraine, the Government of Saskatchewan stands with our friends, family and neighbours both at home and abroad.

Throughout Saskatchewan, communities are coming together to show that we stand with Ukraine. Our government has donated $100,000 to support humanitarian efforts on the ground. SaskTel has waived long-distance and text messaging fees from Canada to Ukraine to assist families in reaching one another. We are also working with post-secondary institutions to determine the impact on our international students. The Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority has delisted Russian products from the distribution centre and retail stores, with private retailers being encouraged to do the same.

Our government is committed to supporting those from Ukraine who are fleeing the brutal attacks through funding for community support coordination, including settlement services for Ukrainian families arriving in Saskatchewan. The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program is prioritizing any applications received from Ukrainian citizens. We are committed to ensuring Ukrainian newcomers are welcomed into our communities, with long-term successful resettlement in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan has become known as a welcoming and vibrant place for newcomers to Canada. The Government of Saskatchewan will assist our new neighbours in putting down roots to find success. Funding of $638,000 has been committed to the Bridging to Employment program currently offered in Regina, Saskatoon and Prince Albert. This 20-week program, split between in-class learning and on-the-job paid work experience, focuses on communication, job readiness and digital literacy skills.

Support is also available to residents trying to reach new job goals while rejoining the labour market. The Government of Saskatchewan has announced $2.2 million for the Training Voucher Program to make re-training affordable and accessible. Various sectors are being targeted to help drive Saskatchewan’s economic growth, including information technology, professional truck drivers, healthcare, and the hospitality industry.

And an incredible amount of work by volunteers around the province has returned to our airwaves. TeleMiracle, a rooted in Saskatchewan fundraiser, has touched thousands of lives thanks to the organizing committee’s efforts. The event stretches out further than just that dedicated group, as communities across the province rally together for bake sales, charity events, auctions and grassroots fundraisers. The fabulous showing of what it means to be from Saskatchewan supports the Kinsmen Foundation in their efforts to make life better. The foundation provides specialized mobility and medical equipment to people and organizations within our great province.

Thank you to the organizers, volunteers and all those who have supported TeleMiracle over the years.