Report from the Legislature – November 25, 2021

A solemn ceremony was held in Regina as Members of the Legislative Assembly and the Saskatchewan Ukrainian community paid tribute to lives lost during Holodomor from 1932 through 1933. This genocide was the Soviet Union imposed famine that led to the deaths of up to 10 million people. Despite a record harvest, the Soviet government confiscated crops and imposed regulations preventing people from finding or receiving food. Holodomor means “extermination by hunger” in Ukrainian. Canada has the third-highest population of Ukrainians globally, and the local community will honour Holodomor Saturday, November 27th.

November 22nd through 26th was proclaimed Saskatchewan Manufacturing Week. This sector makes up over five per cent of our province’s gross domestic product and employs 29,000 people. Last year, manufacturing shipments totalled $13.4 billion. According to the ten-year report, Saskatchewan continues to lead the country in several categories.

Overview of the Manufacturing Sector in Saskatchewan 2010-2020 reported that Saskatchewan led all provinces in manufacturing employment growth from 2019-2020. We had the second-highest manufacturing productivity in Canada for 2020; our province ranked second in average weekly earnings in the sector for 2020.

Investing in the next generation of agriculture producers is key to our province’s future and the country’s future. With that in mind, the Governments of Canada and Saskatchewan have partnered for the Next Gen Agriculture Mentorship Program delivered by Canadian Western Agribition.

This program builds leadership through knowledge and first-hand experience as future producers are partnered with mentors. The connections created will pass down knowledge that young producers can use to advance their operations and become industry leaders in the very near future.

For 2022, $100,000 is being provided by the federal and provincial governments to support eight applicants as they venture through an 18-month journey starting in February. Application information can be found online at or

Families with children who experience Autism Spectrum Disorder now have access to more services with the expansion of the Individualized Funding (IF) program. This builds on the IF expansion in July, which included children aged six to 11.

Our government heard from parents and caregivers who wanted more flexibility in using this funding to support their child’s unique needs. This person-centred approach to support has expanded eligible services while allowing for that flexibility.

New eligible services include life skills programs such as swimming lessons, tutoring, as well as therapeutic day camps, summer programs, and equine therapy.

For 2021-22, $10.3 million was allocated to provide $8,000 annually per child with ASD up to the age of five with $6,000 annually for children aged six to 11 with ASD.

An important theme of our Speech from the Throne is building a better educated Saskatchewan. Recent updates on the Saskatchewan Stimulus plan show work is underway on school maintenance in 15 communities across the province. This $25.9 million investment to upgrade mechanical and structural components at educational facilities builds stronger schools and creates jobs in local communities.

Three projects are completed, including a new roof for Harris-Tessier School in the Sun West School Division, asbestos remediation at the Swift Current Comprehensive High School, and a roof replacement at Tisdale’s Middle and Secondary School. Four more projects are expected to be completed at the end of the month.

Another theme from the Throne Speech focuses on building a safer Saskatchewan. To this end, our government has created The Saskatchewan Trafficking Response Team (STRT), a specialized intelligence-led enforcement team dedicated to addressing illegal weapons, drugs and human trafficking.  This new policing initiative will target gang-related criminal activity entering the province through trafficking corridors. 


The team will include 30 RCMP officers, six municipal police officers, two criminal analysts and three support staff. Three offices will be strategically located in Lloydminster, Estevan and Swift Current due to their proximity to the provincial borders and known trafficking corridors. Municipal resources will also be located in Prince Albert, Saskatoon and Regina.

The initiative will cost $2.1 million for 2021-22, with another $6.4 million allocated for each subsequent fiscal year. This is entirely new funding; no resources have been reallocated from other policing initiatives.

As always, if you have questions, comments, concerns, or require assistance with provincial government programs or services, please get in touch with our Constituency Office.