Step One of Saskatchewan’s Re-Opening Roadmap

The commencement of Step One of Saskatchewan’s Re-Opening Roadmap is now underway.

Thanks to the rapid expansion and delivery of COVID-19 vaccine and the patient and cautious following of public health measures by the public, the following changes are now being made to public health orders:

  • Private gatherings, including household gatherings, may have up to 10 people;
  • Public indoor gatherings may have up to 30 people;
  • Public outdoor gatherings may have up to 150 people;
  • Restaurants and bars may have up to a maximum of six people seated per table;
  • VLTs may re-open;
  • Places of Worship may have up to 30 per cent of facility capacity or 150 people, whichever is less;
  • Outdoor graduation ceremonies may have up to 150 people;
  • Competition and game play for outdoor team sports can resume, so long as capacity is in compliance with the public health order for public outdoor gatherings; and
  • Group fitness classes involving intense training, like aerobics and spin classes, can resume, with three metres between participants.

As part of Step One, visitor restrictions for residents of long-term and personal care homes are also being eased.  All residents will be able to:

  • Welcome an unlimited number of visitors, two at a time, indoors;
  • Welcome up to four family members or support persons at a time outdoors; and
  • All residents who go on outings will no longer be required to quarantine upon their return.

While the restrictions being lifted are no longer mandatory, many of them are still recommended.  Only increase your contact with others as much as you feel comfortable.  Older persons and those with increased risk factors may wish to wait until two weeks after receiving a second dose before attending gatherings.  Transmission is generally less likely at outdoors than indoors.

If we continue to remain diligent and observe public health measures, we will reach our goal of re-opening our province in the weeks ahead.

Step Two of Saskatchewan’s Re-Opening Roadmap is tentatively scheduled to begin in three weeks on June 20. For more on Saskatchewan’s Re-Opening Roadmap, visit