Saskatchewan has developed a COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery Plan, and will be ready to administer the vaccine when the first shipment is received.  Saskatchewan is working closely with the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) which negotiates and procures vaccines directly with manufacturers on behalf of provinces and territories.

The Vaccine Delivery Plan outlines Saskatchewan’s phased approach to delivering the COVID-19 vaccination to residents starting December, 2020, including an initial pilot of the delivery and storage of the Pfizer vaccine, a first phase focused on targeted vaccination of priority populations, and widespread access to the vaccine in the second phase.

“Residents of this province can rest assured that our government will dedicate all the resources needed to provide them with the vaccine,” Health Minister Paul Merriman said.  “We are putting in place the human and financial resources to successfully distribute vaccines and get Saskatchewan residents immunized against COVID-19.”

“Once mass immunization has occurred, we will all be able to get closer to our normal routines,” Chief Medical Health Officer Dr. Saqib Shahab said.  “But in the meantime, everyone must continue following the basic advice – frequent hand-washing, physical distancing, masking and staying home if you have symptoms, and closely following public health orders.”

Vaccines for approximately 1,950 people is expected to arrive by December 15, 2020.  The pilot will see the vaccine administered at Regina General Hospital and delivered to health care workers providing direct care to COVID-19 patients.  The first recipients of the COVID-19 vaccine will be health care workers in ICUs, Emergency Departments and Covid Units at Regina General and Pasqua Hospitals and staff at testing and assessment centres.  Pilot recipients will receive their second dose 21 days following the administration of the first dose (during Phase 1).

The Vaccine Delivery Plan’s first phase focuses on immunizing priority populations who are at a higher risk of exposure to the virus or more at risk of serious illness – health care workers, elderly residents in care homes, seniors over 80 and residents in northern remote communities.  Phase 1 is anticipated to commence in late December, 2020 with 202,052 doses expected within the first quarter of 2021.  This includes expected weekly allocations of 10,725 doses of Pfizer vaccine.  Weekly allocations of Moderna are currently being finalized.  Allocations are subject to fluctuate and may affect sequencing plans.  Updates will be provided.

The second phase of the Vaccine Delivery Plan is anticipated to commence in April, 2021 and will continue priority population immunization while providing widespread vaccine access to immunize the general population.  Distribution in Phase 2 will occur throughout the province at public health clinics and other vaccination delivery sites across the province.

Plans are in progress around safe storage of vaccines, sequenced distribution across the province, public communication of vaccine availability, contingency planning and statistical reporting of vaccines administered.

Also included in the Vaccine Delivery Plan is information regarding a significant public relations campaign to ensure accurate and timely information is provided to the people of Saskatchewan.

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