Today, the Government of Saskatchewan is fulfilling a commitment made in the 2020 Speech from the Throne by providing all SaskPower customers a 10 per cent rebate on their power bills.  This rebate, known as the Saskatchewan Economic Recovery Rebate, will run from December 1, 2020 to the end of November 2021.

“We have a strong mandate to help make life more affordable for Saskatchewan families and businesses,” Premier Scott Moe said.  “As promised by our government, this measure will provide relief to everyone in the province to help drive Saskatchewan’s recovery in 2021.”

The rebate will apply to the “electrical charges” section of customers’ bills, which includes the basic monthly charge, energy charge and demand charge.  It does not apply to GST, PST, municipal surcharge, Federal Carbon Tax or other charges such as connect fees or late payment charges.

Customers should note that the rebate will not be applied to power consumed before December 1, 2020.  Bills arriving in the first days of December will account for consumption in both November and the initial part of December, but only power billed for the period of December 1 and later will have the rebate applied. Customers will see the full benefit of the rebate on bills starting in January 2021.

“The Saskatchewan Economic Recovery Rebate is a simple and effective way to help individuals, families and business through this pandemic,” Minister Responsible for SaskPower Don Morgan said.  “By implementing this rebate today, our government is keeping its commitments to the people of Saskatchewan.”

The one-year program is estimated to cost $262 million, which will be fully funded through the General Revenue Fund. Saskatchewan’s two municipal utilities, Swift Current Light and Power and Saskatoon Light and Power, will offer their customers the same rebate and will receive credit to offset the cost.