Renewal stickers for health cards are being mailed to all eligible Saskatchewan residents who currently have provincial health coverage.


As provincial health cards expire at the end of this calendar year, renewal packages will be sent to more than 685,000 households in the province from late May to the end of June.  The stickers will validate health cards for a three-year period to December 31, 2023.


For households where some or all family members have moved in the last three years, and your address has not been updated with eHealth Saskatchewan, residents should visit for more information.  Other contact information is also available online.


If for any reason a renewal package hasn’t arrived by the end of July, please contact eHealth Saskatchewan.  The most common reason for people not to receive their renewal stickers is because they have moved and not updated their address.


The Saskatchewan Health Services Card is one of the most valuable cards in your possession, as it indicates you are entitled to health coverage under the provincial health insurance plan.  Appropriate steps have been taken to maintain safety precautions for the production and distribution of the renewal sticker mailout.


The World Health Organization and Public Health Agency of Canada have confirmed it is safe to handle mail.


For more information on health benefits, please visit