Report from the Legislature – October 17, 2019

Saskatchewan residents can now look at their laboratory test results and other health records online anywhere, anytime.

MySaskHealthRecord is a secure website that gives eligible Saskatchewan residents quick and easy access to personal health information such as lab results, medical imaging reports and clinical visit history, including hospital admissions.

Those who register will have quick and easy access to their personal health information. They will also have the ability to add their own personal information to track and generate reports; set medication and appointment reminders; and upload information from health devices such as wearable activity trackers.

Patients and the health system will see significant benefits from things like fewer unnecessary phone calls and less time taken off work for routine medical appointments. Greater access to information also empowers patients to be more active participants in their care, and that can result in better health outcomes.

Some provinces that offer similar programs have delays built in so that people have to wait to see their own personal health information, and some provinces only provide limited lab results or require people to have a family physician in order to sign up. Meanwhile, Saskatchewan is leading the nation with the rollout of MySaskHealthRecord. Our program gives people access to their lab results, plus other important health information, as soon as it’s available.

MySaskHealthRecord is open to Saskatchewan residents who are 18 years of age and older. To register, residents will need a valid Saskatchewan health card, plus a Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) driver’s licence or SGI photo ID card.

All personal health information in MySaskHealthRecord is safe and private. Residents who sign up will only be able to access their accounts through a highly secure, personalized login.

To register for a MySaskHealthRecord account, go to

Although there have been delays in the delivery of this year’s influenza vaccine, the Ministry of Health has confirmed with Health Canada that Saskatchewan will receive vaccine to support the provincial program start date of October 21.

Saskatchewan residents with a valid health card can get their flu shot at public health clinics, local pharmacies, and some physician and Nurse Practitioner offices.

Flu shots are recommended for those at higher risk, including seniors, people with underlying chronic health conditions, children under five, and pregnant women. Seniors often have chronic health conditions like heart or lung disease or diabetes, and weaker immune systems, which makes them particularly vulnerable to complications from influenza.

Pharmacists can administer the free flu shot to residents five years and older, during home visits, and in congregate living settings. Children under five and non-Saskatchewan residents can be vaccinated at a public health clinic.

You can visit for the most up-to-date information on drop-in flu clinic times and locations.

More than 340 pharmacies will offer free flu vaccinations this season. For a list of pharmacies that provide the free flu shot, visit or ask your local pharmacy if they offer it.

Information on influenza immunization in Saskatchewan is available at For advice on influenza symptoms and when to seek care, call HealthLine 811 or visit