Report from the Legislature – August 08, 2019


Your Saskatchewan Party government has always had a vision and a plan for a growing province that builds on the strength of our people, our resources and innovation to make Saskatchewan an economic leader.

In just over a decade, Saskatchewan has grown by 160,000 people and added 75,000 new jobs. This has allowed us to invest in strengthening health care, taking surgical wait times from the longest in Canada to now among the shortest. It has allowed us to improve education outcomes, with 46 new or replacement schools and 925 more teachers for our classrooms. And it has allowed us to invest in our most vulnerable people, making Saskatchewan the best place in Canada for someone with a disability.

Today, after three years of low natural resource prices and fiscal challenges, our economy is improving and our province continues to grow. Despite record investment in infrastructure and services over the past decade, we know that there is more to be done. That’s why your Saskatchewan Party MLAs are reaching out and asking for your input on the growth and development of communities across the province.

We want to hear about your priorities and how best to strengthen your community as we build a plan for 2030.

Our government’s plan to balance the budget and carefully control spending while continuing to invest into priority services, programs and infrastructure is proving to be the right balance for Saskatchewan. We have now seen eleven consecutive months of job growth with more people working in our province than ever before.

S&P Global Ratings recently affirmed Saskatchewan’s AA credit rating, and maintained its stable outlook for the province. When combined with the current triple A rating from Moody’s Investors Service and the AA rating from the Dominion Bond Rating Service (DBRS), which was confirmed in June, Saskatchewan maintains the second-highest credit rating in the country, when ratings from the three major agencies are considered.

In affirming Saskatchewan’s rating, S&P Global Ratings states in its report that “The Province of Saskatchewan’s policy response to the 2015 oil price collapse that included a balance of revenue and expenditure measures continues to positively affect the province’s budget performance.”

The report also notes that “decreased reliance on more volatile resource revenues, high wealth levels, and healthy cash balances also help to anchor the ratings.”

This is a signal that our economy is strengthening and while there is more work to do, we’re making progress. We will continue to balance careful spending with smart investing, while strengthening our economy and securing a brighter future for the people of our province.