Report from the Legislature – April 11, 2019

Saskatchewan workers and businesses continue to drive job growth across the province. Nearly 10,000 new jobs in the past year means Saskatchewan people can look forward to more opportunities for their families and communities.

In March – before the Trudeau carbon tax came into effect – Saskatchewan posted the second-lowest unemployment rate in the nation, its lowest since August 2015. While this is good news, the federal government’s carbon tax, along with Bills C-69 and C-48, threaten jobs and the momentum our economy continues to show.

The recent Regina Rally Against the Carbon Tax was an opportunity to stand up for the industries that drive growth, to say no to the Trudeau carbon tax, no to federal government’s harmful anti-pipeline and anti-tanker bills, and to stand up for Saskatchewan. That’s what the rally was about, despite what the NDP is suggesting.

Even now that the rally is over, the NDP Leader continues to repeat bizarre allegations that the rally was about spreading hatred against minorities. It is unbelievable how far the Leader of the Opposition is willing to go to discredit and smear the hard-working women and men standing up for jobs and opportunity for our families.

If the NDP were to form government, our progress would be hindered. Not only does the NDP support the job-killing Trudeau carbon tax, their Leader would also send our province in to crippling debt with an additional $2.5 billion in new spending every year.

While the Saskatchewan NDP stands with Justin Trudeau, you can count on your Saskatchewan Party MLAs to keep standing up for our province’s economy, our jobs and the industries that provide them, and for a brighter future for our families.

The future of education in Saskatchewan is the focus of a new online survey. Students, parents, educators and school staff are being encouraged to participate at

As engagement sessions with education partners occur, school divisions are also creating opportunities for parents and students to participate in person. The feedback provided will be used to help develop a provincial education plan that ensures schools are on the right path to meet the needs of students as we look toward the next decade.

As part of National Volunteer Week, 15 worthy individuals from across the province were recently presented with Saskatchewan Volunteer Medals – an award given to extraordinary citizens for their outstanding contributions to the province.

Volunteers make a difference by giving back to their communities in a variety of ways. Saskatchewan communities, particularly in rural areas, rely heavily on volunteers to respond to emergency situations. These volunteers put themselves at risk to protect the safety and well-being of others, and to respond to mass tragedies.

The words thank you seem inadequate in expressing our gratitude for the service and peace of mind provided by volunteer firefighters, first responders and search and rescue members. In recognition of their contributions, the Government of Saskatchewan is introducing new tax credits beginning in the 2020 taxation year.

Individuals who perform at least 200 hours of eligible volunteer services in a year, as certified by the organization managing the volunteer services, will be able to claim a $3,000 tax credit amount. These tax credits will acknowledge the difficult and demanding work of these individuals, recognize their ongoing training to be prepared for the call of duty, and hopefully encourage others to step into these volunteer roles to serve alongside their neighbours, which will enhance public safety in our communities.