Report from the Legislature – August 23, 2018

Summer is always a great time to get back to our communities, reach out to constituents and gather feedback on how we can work together to build a better province.

Whether it is fighting the carbon tax or fixing Canada’s flawed equalization program, your Saskatchewan Party government will always stand with the people of this great province.

Right now we need to bring attention to a troublesome piece of legislation for our natural resource sector.

The federal government’s Bill C-69 has pulled the plug on Energy East; a $15 billion pipeline project that would create jobs and unlock more economic growth in Canada.

By considering changes like upstream and downstream emissions for pipeline projects, Bill C-69 will cause delays, add more costs, and undermine the future investment we need in Canada’s energy sector.

Former TransCanada CEO Hal Kvisle refers to Bill C-69 as “an absolutely devastating piece of legislation” and went on to say “I don’t believe any competent pipeline company would submit an application if Bill C-69 comes into force.”

Our government’s focus is improving competitiveness, by opposing a carbon tax and building increased pipeline capacity for our oil exports. We will not support a bill that delivers another body blow to our energy industry.

With harvest now in full swing and many students and families preparing for back to school, this is getting to be a busy time in households across Saskatchewan.

I sincerely hope you have had an opportunity to enjoy some recreation and relaxation this summer.

Saskatchewan’s provincial parks continue to be an important destination for many of us, attracting visitors and bringing economic benefits to the entire province.

Saskatchewan is investing more than $11 million for various parks improvements this year, increasing our total investment to nearly $110 million since 2008.

Highways have been another focus of our government with a variety of safety improvement and enhancement projects currently underway.

Our province has invested more than $8.4 billion in highways and infrastructure since 2008, improving more than 13,000 kilometres of highways.

Shovels have also been hitting the ground on important housing projects this summer as we continue to support those in greatest housing need.

Since 2007, the Government of Saskatchewan has invested more than $770 million to develop or repair almost 16,000 housing units across our province.

Our government recently allocated the remaining licensed child care centre spaces as part of the Canada-Saskatchewan Early Learning and Child Care Agreement.

Signed earlier this year, the agreement includes the development of 1,015 licensed child care centre spaces and 1,500 licensed group and family child care home spaces.

Nearly 7,000 new spaces have been allocated across the province since 2007 –a 73% increase– for a total of more than 17,000 licensed child care spaces in Saskatchewan.

Even at a time of fiscal restraint, our government continues to support the priorities of Saskatchewan people through major investments in health care, education, social services, and the protection of people and property.

Today our plan to reduce the province’s reliance on resource revenue, control and carefully manage spending, and achieve a balanced budget by 2019-20 is on track. Together we will keep Saskatchewan growing strong now and into the future.