Report from the Legislature – June 14, 2018

Saskatchewan’s population has reached another all-time high, topping 1.17 million for the first time. Once known as a great place to be from, Saskatchewan is the place to be.

According to Statistics Canada data, Saskatchewan grew by 1,488 people in the first quarter of 2018 – an increase of 11,691 people in the past year, and 157,806 more people in the past decade.

Saskatchewan’s population has now grown in 48 consecutive quarters.

More people than ever calling Saskatchewan home is a clear sign our province and our economy are on track.

Our government has a vision of a growing province where our children, and their children, have every opportunity to get an education, start their careers, raise their families and build a life.

Students across our province are finishing exams and preparing for graduation. They are ready to further their education, find employment and put their skills and knowledge to work.

Our government believes investing in education is one of the best things we can do and we are committed to keeping post-secondary education accessible and affordable.

The Saskatchewan Advantage Scholarship is an example of our government’s commitment to the future of our students and our province. It provides high school grads with up to $500 per year, for four years, towards tuition at a Saskatchewan post-secondary institution.

The Saskatchewan Advantage Scholarship is expected to help over 21,000 Saskatchewan students reduce their tuition costs this year.

If students choose to live and work in Saskatchewan after graduating, the Graduate Retention Program provides a tax credit of up to $20,000 for their education costs.

Congratulations to the Class of 2018, and best wishes for a bright future in Saskatchewan.

People around the province are finalizing summer plans, many of which will include visits to Saskatchewan Provincial Parks.

Calendars with special event and program details are now available online so that visitors can plan their trips ahead of time and enjoy the wide range of activities offered.

Each park offers activities that are different from the last, from group-led games, crafts, stories and sand castle contests to campfire singalongs, sunset paddles and special musical performances.

Throughout the 2018 camping season, Camp-Easy equipped campsites will be available at Buffalo Pound, Echo Valley and Pike Lake provincial parks.

These sites include a large canvas tent on a wooden platform, six sleeping cots, a screened dining tent, a camp stove and propane tank, a lantern, wash bins, camp chairs and roasting sticks.

Closely located to urban centres, Camp-Easy sites are more accessible to families and new campers who do not own equipment or aren’t sure if camping is for them but would like to give it a try.

Another unique experience brings Top of Formnature and comfort together in a brand new, Mongolian-style yurt in Great Blue Heron Provincial Park. The yurt is a great opportunity to experience beautiful Anglin Lake in comfort and style with minimal packing and preparation required.

The yurt, which sits on a large deck and is furnished with a queen-sized bed and two double-sized futons, comes equipped with a table and chairs, small fridge, electrical outlet, electric heater and battery-powered lamps. Washrooms, showers and potable water taps are located nearby.

The yurt is ideal for anyone looking for a unique adventure, or for those who may not have much outdoor experience but are interested in a getaway beyond the city limits.

To learn more about all of the programs and new offerings in Saskatchewan Provincial Parks this summer, be sure to visit