Report from the Legislature – February 15, 2018

Your Saskatchewan Party MLAs have a vision for a growing province where our children and their children can build a life.  We are committed to ensuring this vision is realized and are closer than ever to achieving it thanks to an unprecedented decade of prosperity and achievement.

We have heard from parents and educators that additional funding is essential to ensure that our children receive the highest quality education possible. This is why our government has moved to provide Saskatchewan school divisions with mid-year funding of $7.5 million.

This funding will address front line pressures by helping school divisions hire education professionals immediately and is in addition to a 2018-19 budget commitment to provide another $30 million to hire 400 in-school educational professionals and address school board priorities.

Our government is committed to ensuring Saskatchewan students have the supports they need to succeed, and this announcement is just the beginning of a renewed and respectful relationship with our teachers and education partners.

Moving forward we must ensure the province’s financial foundation remains strong while continuing to invest in the infrastructure, programs and services Saskatchewan people expect and deserve. In doing this, we will continue to ensure that hope and opportunity are found here in our province.

There is more work to do as our economy recovers, but it is encouraging to see confidence in our economy in both the short and long-term with jobs and investment.

Saskatchewan was home to the fastest job growth in Canada last month with 1,100 new jobs dropping the unemployment rate by a full 1%.

Building permits were up considerably in December, rising nearly 70% year over year (seasonally adjusted), the second highest percentage increase among the provinces, and the highest percentage increase in western Canada.

Saskatchewan’s home building industry is starting off the new year in great shape. Urban housing starts were up 123.5% last month when compared with January 2017, the highest percentage increase among the provinces.

Employment is up, our unemployment rate is the second lowest in the nation, and with recent good news on building permits and urban housing starts, 2018 is looking to be a good year for our province.  Our government will stand with individuals and industry to keep building on Saskatchewan’s success.

Family Day is fast approaching and if you’re looking for a fun activity to enjoy, you may want to consider ice fishing.

Saskatchewan’s free fishing weekend is February 17, 18 and 19, which means you can fish in any waterbody that has an open sport fishing season, without purchasing a fishing license.

If you do take advantage of Free Fishing Weekend, remember to dress warm and use caution and common sense when going out on frozen lakes.

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