Report from the Legislature- February 01, 2018

Saskatchewan’s new Premier, Scott Moe, recently chaired his first Caucus meeting at the legislative building.  Under his leadership, our entire team is united, strong, and ready to get work, stand with Saskatchewan, and secure a second decade of growth.

Over the last 10 years, Saskatchewan welcomed over 160,000 new people.  This era of hope, optimism and hard work brought over 60,000 new jobs to our province with our economy, on per capita basis, growing more than anywhere else in the country.

Saskatchewan is consistently the number one or number two Agri-food exporter among the provinces and the recent grand opening of the new Agri-Food Innovation Centre in Saskatoon will help expand development and commercialization of even more Saskatchewan-made products.

Saskatchewan’s unique “patent box” incentive – a first of its kind in North America –recently secured its first successful investment. The incentive is designed to strengthen our economy by positioning the province as an attractive location for the development and launch of innovative products.

New statistics show Saskatchewan manufacturing grew by 13.5% last year – second best in the nation.  This sector continues to produce high-value goods which are shipped to markets across the world, strengthening an economy that is projected to lead Canada in growth over the next two years.

Once the place to be from, Saskatchewan is the place to be.

As we look to the future with optimism, we are reminded of how far we’ve come and the reasons why we pursue growth in the first place.  We don’t pursue growth for the sake of growth, we pursue it because it allows us to invest in people and a better quality of life for all in Saskatchewan.

When Saskatchewan had good financial fortune, our government chose to make the largest debt repayment, income tax cut and property tax cut in Saskatchewan history.  Families have saved thousands and taxpayers have saved over $1.5 billion in interest payments.

Today we have a Aaa credit rating, the highest rating possible, the second-best debt to GDP ratio in Canada and $1 billion less operating debt since 2007.

The dividends of growth have given us the ability to create and enhance new income supports for low-income seniors and those living with disabilities; to build a new hospital to support those with mental health needs; and to finally build a dedicated Children’s Hospital for Saskatchewan.

Growth has helped build new schools and health facilities and has supported front-line workers by hiring 750 more doctors and 3,400 more nurses.  It has also helped us take surgical wait times in Saskatchewan from the longest in Canada to now among the shortest.

In 2012, our government along with community partners, helped bring STARS Air Ambulance to the province.  This critical investment was made possible thanks to a strong and growing province that Saskatchewan people have worked hard to build.

We want to thank Brad Wall for his vision, strong leadership and passionate advocacy for Saskatchewan and its people during a decade of growth.  Our Caucus team from across the province stands ready to get to work building on that legacy under the leadership of Premier Scott Moe.