Report from the Legislature – November 17, 2016

Carbon Tax Reality in Saskatchewan

From agriculture, to mining, to oil & gas, thousands of people make their living in industries that are especially vulnerable to the federal government’s carbon tax.

Farmers who are opposed to the Prime Minister’s plan to hike their costs and make them less competitive decided to send a message to Ottawa this week.

WATCH: Wyatt Garrill and Nolan Fuller send a strong message to Ottawa

Saskatchewan people shouldn’t have to sacrifice their livelihood for a carbon tax that will export businesses, jobs and emissions to jurisdictions without one.

We need to focus on technology in order to tackle climate change, not a national carbon tax that will drive up costs and have no impact on global GHG emissions.

As the use of coal increases around the world, Saskatchewan can help with solutions such as our world-leading carbon capture technology at Boundary Dam 3.

Manitoba Joins New West Partnership Trade Agreement

Manitoba has officially joined the New West Partnership Trade Agreement, strengthening and expanding Canada’s largest, barrier-free interprovincial market.

The New West Partnership creates an open, common market of more than 11 million Western Canadians, with a combined GDP of more than $750 billion.

The agreement commits each jurisdiction to enhance trade, investment and labour mobility, and to remove barriers to movement of goods, services, investment, and people within and between the provinces.

Manufacturing Sales Jump in September

Despite a downturn in global commodity prices, Saskatchewan’s economy continues to show signs of strength.  Saskatchewan leads all provinces in manufacturing sales ($14.1 billion in 2015), growing at more than five times the national average.

Manufacturing is one of the mainstays of the Saskatchewan economy and the impressive year-over-year growth is good news.  Our provincial manufacturers are innovative, competitive-minded and are meeting the needs of global markets with made-in-Saskatchewan solutions.

Sectors that saw significant growth on a year-over-year, seasonally-unadjusted basis included food manufacturing, machinery manufacturing and wood products.

Saskatchewan First in Canada to Offer Prospective Foster Family Training Online

Training to become a foster parent has become more accessible for interested Saskatchewan individuals and families.  The Saskatchewan Foster Families Association (SFFA) and the Government of Saskatchewan are the first in Canada to partner together to provide the 30 hours of required training for all foster families online, with video conferencing equipment donated by SaskTel Pioneers.

This is a real game-changer for prospective foster parents, and we are very excited about what this could mean for the foster family program in Saskatchewan.  Prospective foster families will be able to access courses online, on their home computer or mobile device and will be able to complete the courses at their convenience.

Growing Awareness for Men’s Health

Too often men are reluctant to talk about and take action on their health.  The Movember Foundation has endeavoured to change that by rallying people around the world.  More than facial hair, the movement aims to grow awareness of important issues that shouldn’t go unchecked.

Saskatchewan Party Caucus colleagues are again committing themselves to “grow a mo” and start a conversation about prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health and physical inactivity.  Through fundraising and awareness more men will enjoy happier, healthier, longer lives.

Thank you to those supporting the movement to encourage men to take steps towards better health.