Report from the Legislature – October 6, 2016

Prime Minister Trudeau’s New Carbon Tax Will Hurt Saskatchewan’s Economy

Saskatchewan’s economy – already hurting from a downturn in commodity prices – will be one of the hardest hit by a new federal carbon tax because of our trade-exposed resource industries.  Saskatchewan families will feel the impact too.

The carbon tax will cost the average Saskatchewan family thousands more per year and farm families will be among the hardest hit as this new tax will impede continuing efforts to export Saskatchewan’s high quality food products to global customers.

When fully implemented, Ottawa’s carbon tax will put Canada at a competitive disadvantage, hurting agricultural, mining and energy-producing provinces like ours the most while failing to achieve any real progress on carbon emissions globally.

A forced federal carbon tax is a broken promise by a Prime Minister who campaigned on collaboration with the provinces on a plan that works for everyone and every province.  A collaborative approach holds the highest potential for reducing emissions that will not cause harm to the Canadian economy.

Canada produces less than two percent of global GHG emissions.  Whatever impact the federal carbon tax will have on Canada’s emissions, global GHG emissions will continue to rise.  Instead we should focus on ways that have proven to reduce CO2 emissions, like our world-leading carbon capture technology developed right here in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Population Continues to Grow, Hitting an All-Time High

Saskatchewan’s population recently hit one more milestone, reaching another all-time high, with population growth of 5,314 people in the second quarter of 2016.

According to Statistics Canada, this is the largest quarterly increase since the second quarter of 2013, and brings the population of Saskatchewan to 1,150,632 as of July 1st.

For over 10 years now Saskatchewan’s economy has grown in every quarter, making it one of the best decades for population increases in our province’s history.

STC Senior Seat Sale Extended

The Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC) is extending its $15 Senior Seat Sale.  Seniors 60 and over can now ride with STC for $15 one-way or $30 return plus tax for the month of October.

The standard senior fare for a one-way trip between Regina and Saskatoon is $38.40 (plus tax).  If a senior purchases the same one-way ticket in October, he or she can save more than $23 dollars.

Senior Seat Sales have proven to be the most successful campaigns for STC.  You can learn more about the Senior Seat Sale online at and at