Report from the Legislature – August 25, 2016

New Smaller Cabinet Includes Four New Faces

Saskatchewan has a new cabinet. It is smaller than before which means a savings to taxpayers of about $450,000 a year.

This is an important step as we work to reduce costs to taxpayers all across government to help balance the budget.

The new cabinet has a strong blend of experience and new faces that will serve the province well as we meet the opportunities and challenges ahead.  These talented women and men will work to keep our economy strong while carefully managing the province’s finances through this challenging time.

Advisory Panel to Review Health Region Structure

A three-person advisory panel has been appointed to review the current Regional Health Authority (RHA) structure and provide options to reduce the number of RHAs in Saskatchewan.  Their mandate includes reviewing options for more effective and efficient delivery of services province-wide.

While panel members will provide advice that will lead to fewer health regions and less administration, the overall goal of this is to continue to improve frontline patient care for Saskatchewan residents.  It’s expected that the panel will provide its findings to government in the coming months.

Economic Success in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan people have built a resilient and diversified economy. Even in the face of challenges such as low commodity prices, there are anecdotal stories of how our economy is improving.

Statistics Canada figures back up this anecdotal evidence with data that shows Saskatchewan leading the nation in building permit growth, the growth of manufacturing sales and retail sales.

When Saskatchewan businesses are seeing increased activity of this nature, it reflects well on the overall economic environment and confidence in communities across the province.I am confident we have the right group of talented women and men to meet this challenge and keep Saskatchewan strong.

Province Offers Additional Support to La Loche

Following the tragic shootings of last January, our government promised to support La Loche as it recovers. Ever since the community has inspired us with their resilience, unity and optimism.

Together with local leaders, institutions and the federal government, we are investing in programming that will foster hope, opportunity and enable more residents to lead independent, self-sufficient lives.

We’re providing new affordable housing, skills training, a Dene Teacher Education Program to train local university students to teach local students, permanent mental health support and more.

Together we are building a stronger La Loche and that’s good for all of Saskatchewan.

Seniors Ride with STC for $15 One-Way This September

We want seniors to have access to convenient and affordable transportation.  During the month of September 2016, seniors aged 60 and over can ride anywhere STC goes for just $15 one-way.

The standard senior fare for a one-way trip between Regina and Saskatoon is $38.40 (plus tax).  If a senior purchases the same one-way ticket in September, he or she can save more than $23.

Sale tickets can be purchased at any STC agency and seniors are reminded to bring their identification with them at the time of purchase and travel.  Learn more at

Nominations Open for Province’s Outstanding Volunteers

Our province is stronger and more resilient today than it has ever been. This is credit to people who set out not only to make life better for themselves but to make a difference in the lives of others.

Our province created the Saskatchewan Volunteer Medal to enable us to pay tribute to these people individuals who merit public recognition for their remarkable generosity.

The 2016 nomination period will be open until October 18th.  I encourage you to consider nominating a deserving individual this year, so that we can thank them and celebrate their work.

For more information, visit

Nomination calls are also open for the 2017 Saskatchewan Order of Merit, the 2016 Premier’s Service Club Awards, and this year’s Premier’s Award for Excellence in the Public Service.