Report from the Legislature – August 11, 2016

Efforts to Ensure Grain Transportation System is Ready to Meet Demand

Saskatchewan farmers, ranchers and agribusinesses are doing their part to keep our economy strong.  With improved varieties and agronomic practices, production levels are growing and we are encouraged to see that crops across the province are doing particularly well.

Our government, along with grain producers and customers, continue discussions with transportation service providers to prepare for a large crop.  The need for enhanced transparency and accountability within the grain handling and transportation system remains a priority.

We hope all parties will step up and do what is necessary to ensure our products get to market in a timely and efficient manner.  For example, if there is a strike at the Port of Prince Rupert, we encourage the federal government to consider back-to-work legislation.

There have been numerous requests to find solutions to ensure producers get their products to customers safely, efficiently, reliably and at a fair cost.  We continue to urge Transport Canada to ensure contingencies are in place should issues arise this season.

Saskatchewan Economy Creates 800 Jobs Year Over Year

Saskatchewan’s diversified economy continues to show signs of strength with the addition of 800 new jobs year over year, according to numbers released by Statistics Canada.

Despite historic and long lasting commodity sector challenges, Saskatchewan’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was third lowest among the provinces at 6.3% in July.

Our government will continue working hard to create an environment that encourages businesses, small, medium, and large, to keep growing and prospering in our province.

Saskatchewan Building Permits See Largest Year Over Year Increase Among Provinces

Building permits in Saskatchewan saw a big increase in June, up 28% over last year (seasonally-adjusted), the highest percentage increase among the provinces.

Non-residential building permits in Saskatchewan were up 57.5% in June when compared to June of last year, the second highest percentage increase among provinces.

On a monthly basis June building permits in Saskatchewan jumped 72.4% from May 2016, a contrast from the 5.5% decrease posted nationally.

Saskatchewan Innovation At Work

Saskatchewan’s Carbon Capture and Storage technology is essential to cleaning up coal and providing opportunity to reduce the effects of climate change worldwide.

The Estevan Boundary Dam 3 Carbon Capture plant was online 100% in July, and has now captured over 1 million tonnes of CO2 since startup.

Boundary Dam 3 is on pace to meet its target of capturing 800,000 tonnes in 2016.