Report from the Legislature – July 28, 2016

Stay Up to Date on Husky Oil Spill Response

I want to say thank you to provincial and municipal officials who have been working around the clock to respond to the Husky oil spill into the North Saskatchewan River.

The Government of Saskatchewan has been working tirelessly to ensure potable water is available to people in the affected communities along the North Saskatchewan river.

Our first priority is the safety and delivery of secure water to the 69,000 Saskatchewan residents affected by this situation.  You can stay up-to-date with the latest information at

As cleanup efforts continue, all parties will be involved in restoring our North Saskatchewan River and the surrounding environment.

Husky Energy has made a commitment to the people of Saskatchewan on cleanup efforts and support for the communities affected.

Roads to Recreation and Relaxation Receiving Upgrades

Highway work and bridge construction that is planned and underway will make for a smoother drive to the lake, your campsite or other summer destination.

Highway improvements include grading, paving, spot improvements and rut filling. Leading into August long weekend, projects near recreational areas include:

  • Highway 2 near Diefenbaker Bridge leading to various lake destinations including Prince Albert National Park;
  • Highway 21 near Maple Creek near Cypress Hills;
  • Highway 26 near Loon Lake;
  • Highway 42 from Keeler to Eyebrow leading to Douglas and Danielson Provincial Parks;
  • Highway 55 southeast of Green Lake leading to various lake destinations;
  • Highway 56 at the Pasqua Lake Access;
  • Highway 120 near Candle Lake;
  • Highway 263 near Christopher Lake; and
  • Highways 322 and 220 leading to Last Mountain Lake.

Future projects under the Highways 2020 Plan include:

  • Highway 45 south of Outlook near Danielson Provincial Park.

If you’re planning a trip this summer, check the Highway Hotline for information on construction, emergency road closures, the status of ferries, barges and other road activities.

Nominations Open for Premier’s Service Club Award

Service clubs and fraternal organizations make exceptional contributions to communities across the province, making Saskatchewan an even greater place to live.

Launched in 2013, the Premier’s Service Club Award acknowledges the clubs and organizations that help to improve quality of life in communities across the province.

Voluntary, non-profit service and fraternal clubs that perform charitable work by hands-on effort or raising money for other organizations are eligible for an award.

For more information or to submit a nomination, visit, email or call toll free: 1-877-427-5505.

Nominations Open for Premier’s Award for Excellence in the Public Service

On a daily basis, public servants diligently serve the people of Saskatchewan.  The Premier’s Award for Excellence in the Public Service is a way to honour their exceptional efforts.

Nominations are now open and I would encourage everyone to consider nominating an individual or team that has gone over and above serving the citizens of Saskatchewan.

For more information or to submit a nomination, visit