Report from the Legislature – November 27, 2013

Green Is The Colour!

Saskatchewan is a great place to be from but it’s an even better place to be.  This was never more evident than it was during the
101st Grey Cup Celebrations.  The whole province joined the party by wearing green and decorating their homes and offices for the occasion.  Rider Pride was on display just about everywhere.  Even the dome at the Saskatchewan Legislature was lit up green in a show of support.  The sense of pride that we as Saskatchewan people feel was only enhanced as our province hosted the CFL Championship and cheered the home team to a historic victory.  After the storybook win, it was truly a pleasure to welcome the team and its fans to the Saskatchewan Legislature for a celebratory rally.  To the players, coaches, fans and volunteers who made this all possible, thank you and congratulations.  The Saskatchewan Roughriders are 2013 Grey Cup Champions, the pride of the province and one of the many reasons this is the best place in Canada to live, work and raise a family.

Manufacturing Success

Agriculture might be the root but manufacturing is a key part of our diversifying economy.  Providing stable, high-paying  employment it drives investment in our communities and has the largest economic multiplier of any sector – $3.15 for every
dollar in total output.  November 25-29th is Manufacturing Week, a time to recognize the jobs it provides for our people as well as the billions of dollars in exports that result.  Thanks to the ingenuity and quality of the products our manufacturers are building and exporting, the Saskatchewan brand is highly competitive and increasingly well-established in the global marketplace.  Employing 27,000 Saskatchewan people, manufacturing generated approximately $14.2 billion in shipments last year.

Lobbyist Legislation Moves Forward

Saskatchewan people should know who is lobbying the government and the creation of a new registry is going to disclose that information.  Our government recently introduced legislation to ensure paid lobbying activities are subject to appropriate accountability requirements.  At the same time, this legislation recognizes that lobbying public office holders is a legitimate democratic activity.  Under The Lobbyists Act, people who are paid to lobby elected officials on behalf of organizations or groups will be required to register their lobbying activities online.  Unpaid individuals, such as volunteers or members of the public pursuing personal interests with their MLAs are not required to register.  Individuals acting in their official capacity on behalf of certain organizations such as municipalities or other governments may be exempt from The Lobbyists Act.

Making SIAST A Polytechnic

Our government has introduced legislation that will strategically position The Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (SIAST) to get the profile and prestige it warrants.  This new legislation will give SIAST the authority to operate as a polytechnic institution. It means SIAST’s legally recognized name once the Act and regulations are proclaimed would be Saskatchewan Polytechnic.  Under the proposed legislation, the term polytechnic would be protected, the institution’s ability to fundraise for property would be clarified and Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s membership in Polytechnic Canada, including
enhanced opportunities for applied research and the granting of degrees in accordance with The Degree Authorization Act, would be supported.  SIAST serves 26,000 students through campuses in Moose Jaw, Prince Albert, Regina and Saskatoon.