Report from the Legislature – November 20, 2013

Government Taking Action Against Bullying
No child should ever have to experience bullying.  Bullying is a relationship issue where one person or group repeatedly uses power and aggression to control or intentionally hurt, harm or intimidate another person or group. It is often based on another person’s appearance, abilities, culture, race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity. Bullying can take many forms; physical, emotional, verbal, psychological or social. It can occur in person or through electronic communication.  The unfortunate reality is that many of our children experience bullying on a daily basis.

Our government understands this a complex issue with no easy solutions, but we also recognize that there is a role for us to play when it comes to protecting our children.  This is why we engaged communities, gathered feedback and developed an action plan.  Input was carefully considered, recommendations were made and, just recently, we released an action plan to address Bullying and Cyberbullying.  We will update policies and procedures in the education sector to ensure consistency in prevention, rapid response and intervention in bullying incidents; develop an anonymous online reporting tool for the reporting of bullying incidents; assess the implications for Saskatchewan of upcoming federal cyberbullying legislation; support students to develop appropriate and responsible online behaviour; provide a stand-alone website for anti-bullying tools and resources for students, families and educators; and engage youth in building solutions to address bullying.

If our children are to reach their full potential, they need to feel safe at school and in our communities.  Our plan is to provide students, families and schools with the knowledge, skills, resources and supports to help children and youth feel safe and accepted at school, in their community and online.

Multiculturalism Enriches Saskatchewan
As Saskatchewan’s population continues to grow, immigration from across Canada and from more than 175 countries is making us an increasingly multicultural province.  This growing diversity contributes to maintaining a strong economy, helps to strengthen our communities and ultimately enhances our quality of life.  This is why the Government of Saskatchewan and the Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan have partnered for Saskatchewan Multicultural Week November 16th to 24th.

This year’s theme From Many Peoples Strength: Multiculturalism Enriches Saskatchewan, is based on the provincial motto Multis E Gentibus Vires which means From Many Peoples Strength.  Saskatchewan Multicultural Week recognizes the diversity of our growing population, encourages respect for our vast multicultural heritage, fosters a climate of harmonious relations among people with diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds and encourages the continuation of a multicultural society.

To read about the many ways multiculturalism has enriched the cultural, economic, social and political life of Saskatchewan, visit

New Cameras To Capture Highway Conditions
“Cold enough for ya?” and “how are the roads?” might be the two most common phrases spoken in Saskatchewan this time of year.  With the arrival of another winter driving season, it’s important to be aware of current conditions in order to decide whether or not it’s wise to venture out on our highways.

Through The Highway Hotline, Saskatchewan is a leader in providing timely and accurate road reports to those who need it.  Over the coming months, that service is being enhanced with the installation of additional road cameras at various locations on some of Saskatchewan’s busiest highways.  New camera locations include Highway 1 at Moose Jaw, Highway 2 near the new St. Louis Bridge, Highway 10 at the Avonhurst Grid and near Balgonie, Highway 11 near Macdowall and Highway 16 near the Borden Bridge.

The Highway Hotline receives about four million web visits and phone calls each year and 97 per cent of users say the system meets their needs; however, we’re always looking for ways to improve the service.  These new cameras supplement other improvements made to the Hotline in recent years, including the Trucker’s Report, the use of social media and an improved interface for handheld devices.

Grey Cup 101: Celebration In Rider Nation
It is with great pride that our province plays host to the 101st Canadian Football League Championship.  It is, however, with even greater pride that we cheer on the home team in the Grey Cup.  As much as this week is about celebrating the Canadian Football League and its fans, it is also a unique opportunity to celebrate and share Saskatchewan’s success on and off the field.  People from across Canada – and even beyond – are staying in our hotels, eating at our restaurants and contributing to the provincial economy.  Hosting Grey Cup is also great exposure to national and international audiences, giving us an opportunity to showcase our bountiful natural resources, job opportunities and quality of life that is second to none.  As our population grows by thousands more this week, we welcome all of our football loving visitors and encourage them to “Think Sask” in the long-term.
Go Riders Go!