Saskatchewan Volunteer Medal

Saskatchewan residents are known for their friendly, welcoming nature and strong history of volunteering.

The personal commitment made by volunteers across this province is significant; Saskatchewan residents are generous – we lead the nation in volunteer activity with the highest rate of individual voluntarism in Canada!

Whether it is by giving their time, their enthusiasm, knowledge or resources, people throughout Saskatchewan are making valuable contributions to the quality of life in their communities and in our province.

A great way to show our appreciation for our province’s volunteers is by nominating for the Saskatchewan Volunteer Medal people who have given of their time and talents to create a promising future for Saskatchewan people.

The Saskatchewan Volunteer Medal may be awarded to Canadian citizens who are present or former long-term residents of Saskatchewan, with the exception of elected members of Parliament or the Legislature or members of the judiciary while still holding office.

Any person or organization can nominate someone they consider deserving of the Saskatchewan Volunteer Medal.  Although nominations are accepted at any time during the year, October 18th is the deadline for nominees to be considered for 2013.  Posthumous nominations are not accepted.

An independent committee called the Saskatchewan Honours Advisory Council reviews the nominations for the medal and recommends up to ten recipients each year.

Recipients are recognized at a formal ceremony in the spring, at which they are presented with the Saskatchewan Volunteer Medal by the Lieutenant Governor.

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