Regina Wascana Plains June 2013 Newsletter

Summer is Finally Here

As the summer holidays approach, we look forward to enjoying the beauty that Saskatchewan provides.

What really makes Saskatchewan great? Our abundance of natural resources is indeed fortuitous and pivotal to our growth and prosperity. The growth of Saskatchewan is unprecedented which in turn helps fund infrastructure and health care. Growth also ensures this province is the best place for persons with varying abilities to live. Personal income taxes are competitive. We have the lowest unemployment rate in Canada. All of this is truly exciting.

On my website, you will see a request posted. I am asking constituents what they think makes Saskatchewan great. We are hopeful this will provoke thought, insights and discussion.

I will be door knocking in various parts of the constituency this summer to listen to your ideas on how we can improve on the Saskatchewan Advantage.

Have a safe and happy summer.



A $2 million investment in a new Home First Quick Response Home Care pilot project will help provide seniors in Regina and area with services and supports to remain safely in their home longer.

The Home First philosophy is that when a person enters the hospital presenting with an urgent health need, every effort is made to ensure adequate resources are in place to support the patient to ultimately return home.  The project, which will get underway in the coming months, will focus on seniors who go to acute care emergency departments in Regina.  The aim of the project is to help reduce unnecessary hospital admissions, transition patients out of the hospital sooner and respond to crisis intervention in the community.



Women with pelvic floor problems now have faster alternatives for assessment and treatment, thanks to the creation of an innovative “patient pathway” that anticipates their needs and streamlines their route to the care they need.

About 25 per cent of adult women cope with either urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse or both.  Damage to pelvic floor muscles from childbirth or other causes, can result in conditions that can be uncomfortable and interfere with everyday activities.

In making the announcement  on behalf of Health Minister Dustin Duncan, I stated; “Health regions and the Ministry of Health heard from women that they need faster access to services, so we are working together to make it quicker and easier for women to learn about their condition, get a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan,” “The launch of Saskatchewan’s Pelvic Floor Pathway gives women better access to the information, assessment and treatment they need to lead healthier lives.”


Emerald Park Event

I attended an event on June 6 at the acreage of Dwayne and Tammy Wolbaum in EmeraldPark.

Over 100 people attended the event chaired by WhiteCity’s Carrie Bjola,  which featured music by Third Degree Birnz.

I addressed the gathering and stated, ” The South east bypass is real and has been many years in the making. Further negotiations are ongoing in a number of areas, but this system interchange is happening. This includes overpasses at Pilot Butte and White City/Emerald Park area.

We will continue investing in infrastructure and in people. We know that the rest is up to the people. And we know, Saskatchewan is up for the task.

The only thing better than today in Saskatchewan… is tomorrow in Saskatchewan!”


Staying in Touch

I appreciate the many opportunities to make a positive difference in our constituency. Your phone calls, letters and emails make a big difference in keeping me informed on the issues that matter to you.

If you would like to recognize anyone or have your event mentioned in this newsletter, please don’t hesitate to contact me.