To My Constituents . . .

I have been your MLA for five amazing years.  I have met ordinary people doing extraordinary things.  I have witnessed the Saskatchewan spirit . . . up close and personal. I have felt my eyes well up as I engage with the people that are hurting.  Their spirit to continue on is inspiring.

Our province is growing and faces are changing.  Our belief in ourselves as Saskatchewanians remains strong as ever.

We must always stay true to what we believe in even as we change and grow.

Saskatchewan people live by an unwritten creed and we share common values.  I know this as I have seen, heard and felt this. I read the book “Birth of a Boom,” where long time Saskatchewan based companies are chronicalled.  What got them through the tough times and how they handle successes are spoken about in this book.

I know, through my interactions with Saskatchewan people, that we welcome growth and change . . . but we must embrace our values and hold them tight to maintain our unique identity.

I am asking you to provide your insights of Saskatchewan people.  What do we believe is important to keep and not lose?

This isn’t a political exercise.  I have my own thoughts on what makes us unique, strong and enduring.  I want to hear from you!

Once I have a good number of responses, I will compile what I learn and what I know and will share with all.

I hope this endeavour inspires and encourages discussion with family, friends or co-workers.

Please feel free to send me your thoughts at

Thank you!